Ty Cohen, the music industry's most recognizable voice, is the owner of a successful independent record label, publishing company and he is also a nation-wide music industry seminar speaker and panelist. He is also an author and creator of over 10 best-selling music business resources, that have helped thousands of individuals successfully find their way in the music industry.


For nearly a decade, Ty's company Platinum Millennium Publishing, parent company of www.MusicContracts101.com, www.TheIndustryYellowPages.com and Ty Cohen's Get Amplified! Newsletter, has helped over 27,000 independent musicians, singers, rappers, composers, record label owners, producers, managers, agents and others reach their music business goals. Using a unique combination of tested and proven music business success resources, which includes a series of books, directories, software programs, videos, seminars and newsletters, our goal is to educate and empower musical individuals just like you with the tools needed to succeed!


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